10 TIPS to PHOTOGRAPH (your own) CHILDREN outside 2021

10 TIPS to PHOTOGRAPH (your own) CHILDREN outside - BTS SUNFLOWER Photo Shoot

Hello and welcome to the new post so I'm at home currently and today I'm going to give you ten tips on how to photograph your own children outside so

  • Tip number one check the weather forecast to see which day you want to do it today it should be around 22 degrees Celsius it's 9 a.m. so it's like 18 19 degrees Celsius perfect for a photo shoot outdoors without a jacket there's no rain forecasted it should be a little bit like overcast, the Sun is currently shining which is great because it's still, the morning so the Sun is pretty low seen I don't know if you can see the sky I think we kind of miss the sunshine it's 10:00 now we should have gone out at 9:00 anyway, so it's clouded but like there's still some Sun I'm very dirty car window but yeah overcast Sun we'll just go with the flow see.

photograph your own children
photograph your own children


  • Tip number two pick the right time of day if your children are still napping during the day don't schedule your session during their nap times make sure that they're happy they're fat they're not super tired and try to do with maybe in the mornings or later in the afternoon when this Sun is a little bit lower usually like it's summertime in the winter you can go a little bit towards like mid-morning mid-afternoon but some are trying to go in the morning or late afternoon to get this Sun a little bit you know a lower point cuz that's usually better in photos Elena I'm gonna show you why this is so cool but they're really high and they're all facing the Sun and we're with our backs behind the Sun so they're not facing us but that's okay so yeah
Tips for Making a Photoshoot with Children Easier
Tips for Making a Photoshoot with Children Easier

Tips for Making a Photoshoot with Children Easier

  • Tip number three preparation pick their outfits to do their hair at home before you leave to make sure they're already like wearing their outfits may be used a little bit so that they don't drool on their outfits or spill their food on it but like to change them outside maybe then I'm gonna like it maybe it's a little bit chaotic best I say get them dressed at home make sure that they cannot really get their outfits dirty anymore in the car do their hair at home maybe bring like some extra hair gel or like a hairbrush so you can like do some touch-ups at the location but make sure they're pretty much ready to go when you arrive to see yeah maybe lay their outfits together,

so you can see what kind of looks good yeah make sure you iron the clothes before going to the session so but actually, this is not gonna be the dress that she's wearing today maybe during another shoot because it's really cute it's from the hmm see ya my son is definitely wearing his jeans overalls with this shirt sure this one those are jeans overalls I think or hmm he picked it out himself he's quite picky when it comes to clothes at the moment so no the discussion he has two options he chose this one perfect then for my daughter I have this really cute a dress from that era I think it looks really cute together with the overalls and then the yellow sunflowers and then she has actually a new dress also from the Zara.

I mostly show up at their Zara and H&M and it's super beautiful so I might bring that one as well for some clothes for some photos of herself, it's brand new she hasn't worn it yet I think it's adorable so for her I bring two dresses and then like she's wearing like short leggings underneath so that she can move around freely and I can dress her at the spot so she's wearing like a white top underneath and then some white leggings so I can dress her see I got the outfits together Iren them make sure that they are clean and then bring them with you well no get the kids dressed before you leave so

  • let's go okay so Tip number four scout the locations beforehand I didn't really do that today like the kind of like I know I want to take photos in between some sunflowers today so I've already been looking around where we have some fields of sunflowers I've asked around because I thought there was another place where there were a bunch of sunflowers I heard from two reliable sources that this year there are no and there there are no sunflowers so we're not going there cuz I don't want to like drive around too much with the kids and get them annoyed in the car so I'm pretty sure where we're going so yeah scout the location or make sure that you know where you're going before the hand you kind of know let us know what it looks like okay,

  • Tip number five are we at five I don't even remember making sure you have the right gear with you batteries are charged and food cards have enough space left to take your photos I did not prepare super well because the battery of this flock camera with which I'm filming is already showing me that it is pretty empty my charger is back in the studio so I'm going to try as a film as much as possible but maybe not that much because it's gonna die at some point anyway so today...

  • let's go Tip number six you might have to bring something to bribe them a little bit so I have some candies with me and afterward, we might or might not go for some ice cream now let's go and find some sunflowers so here we are we found some sunflowers it's right behind the roads busy so we're staying on this side, of course, see what I said before about you know setting your shutter speed and your aperture and then changing your eyes oh, of course, doesn't work where you have a lot of light like today because my ISO is already at 100 so that's pretty much the lowest and I still have a lot of light in my photo when I'm photographing at 1.4 or 1.6 so now I'm changing my shutter speed just faster so there's a little bit less light in the photo and it's well-exposed.

  • so Tip number seven making it makes it an adventure for them as well as make it fun make sure that there are no prickly plants around them so protect them from any harm and just let them play around a little bit okay so as you can see these some lawyers are too high for them so we're gonna go all the way to the other side where the sunflowers are lower because now I have them in greenery and no sunflowers we actually moved around and this is a lot prettier I'm gonna try and take some more photos.

okay so think we've been shooting for 15 minutes and we're going back because the youngest one is losing his patience but it was nice I think I have a few goods shots of them individually and together now we've got the sunflower so yeah we did our best so don't have too high expectations don't expect you're like a full session with your kids just a few snapshots get your camera settings pretty much good to start outfits ready so bribery I'm gonna give you a few more tips but first we're gonna get out of here

  • okay so TIp number eight maybe bring some props in my case I didn't when you have younger children maybe A picnic blanket would be great so they could just sit on something that doesn't have any bugs or prickly plants on it may be a little chair if your baby just starts to walk and go immediately like walk away when you put them in a place maybe like a wooden bowl to sit in so they stay in one spot a little chair little bench whatever you want to bring...

  • step number nine maybe beforehand think of some posters that you like I would have loved a photo of them like walking away from my hand in hand two words two sunflowers didn't work but that's fine I think I have a photo of them holding hands walking towards me I have a photo of them like hugging giving each other a kiss looking at a flower looking at each other I don't know just like little poses that you might have in your head that are very easy for a child to execute like Oh pick up a flower or smell the flower maybe give your sister a hug give your brother a kiss some bribery might work so yeah try to place.

The sun behind them put them in the shade or when it's overcast try to have like the direction where the Sun would have been if it wouldn't have been overcast facing their face so like get the light in their face except when it's like bright and sunny get the right behind them and place them in the shades that make sense.

Now Tip number 10 it's just like a personal preference don't put makeup on your child to be a child doesn't need makeup at all and I don't want them to feel that they need makeup to be beautiful so just like putting makeup on the first shoot might give them the wrong ideas and I think it looks very unnatural and just not okay when a young child is visibly wearing makeup I kept their hair natural you know nothing on their faces try to avoid putting sunscreen on because that can be very shiny also other types of creams I would say don't put them on immediately before the session because otherwise here have you'll have a very shiny child if that's Luke you're going for go for it but I would say just put nothing on their faces make sure you check their noses beforehand that there's no it's nothing coming out make sure that there's nothing in between their teeth just general things and then just go with the flow shoot very fast just click click click click click because maybe you only have two minutes five minutes tops to take photos go for it.

 so yeah those are my 10 tips on how to take beautiful photos of your own children, I would say have low expectations have fun go with the flow make sure you prepare well location-wise time-wise outfit-wise hair away and get your camera settings pretty much straight like good from the beginning play a little bit in between III changed my shutter speed a little bit in between based on whether the Sun came out or the Sun was behind some clouds again so yeah do check while you're clicking away if your photos are still the way you want them to be and yeah just do it a few times a year so you'll have good photos once in a while your own children which are fun so thank you so much for watching

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